Thursday, June 10, 2010



pagi readers~
is that word come from "off" ?
eh no la kidding.
gela nonsense, dah dah jgn cari kt oxford dictionary.

Lately, i got many offers.
yah, small business.
which is i think i can do it as a part time.

no la, bukan MLM ok.
if MLM, i already tagged u'all at my fb.
then upload picture kipas pakai duit.
banyak seh duit diorang.

ok i start from the first business.
hey, i didnt starting yet all kind of business that i will mention ok.
im in dilemma.

1) jual tudung

hurm, a bit silly lily for me. coz i never know about women's stuff. da la lately ni we had a lot types of tudung. My friend suggested to me to be as a dealer. thats mean makan duit atas angin je la. at first dpt offer ni mcm, "wow! bla bla bla bla"
excited la konon.
but when i imagine the situation i facing with customer, ehe
i think i cant proceed.
but, maybe someday u'll see my brochure and my hp num.

2) Therapist

this is amazing! seriously. i have to wear a coat/jacket look like a doctor.
ala, jaket kaler putih tu la.
tak kan tak pernah tgk kn.
i've tried it before.
Rasa mcm Dr-to-be pula.

Diorang pun ckp mcm Dr je kau ni.
ok yang ni kisah benar ok.
bukan naik lif sorang sorang.

3) Kinohimitsu

aku pun tak tau ape name btul dia.
actually bukan kinohimitsu pun.
err, korang pernah tau koyok yang tampal kt kaki tu kan?
ala, yang buang toksin tu.
haa, pandai pun.
yang tu la.
tp bukan brand dari kinohimitsu.
made from korea kot.
more cheaper than kinohimitsu.
rm3 sekeping.

ahh dilemma.

(senyum fikir)