Friday, July 16, 2010

the end


this is the last chapter of mine.
i wont write down anything here.
for those who concern at my blog before,tq.
for those who become my friend from here, also tq.
idk, if we have exchange our id at fb or not.
if yes, yah we can continue at there.
if nope, better we stop here.

im not good to be ur friend.
b4 this i hope i can publish as much as i can.
then, it was change to atleast i can publish around 200 of entries.
but tonight, i hav to finish my word here.

since ramadahn is around the corner,
i wish a happy fasting to all muslim here,
do our responsibility as a muslim.
we do the best, may Allah do the rest.

since this blog is open to public,
then it is forever.
forgive me whenever my writing touch ur feeling.
yah, maybe it is goes to u.
just i wont t0 be clear.

it is hard to leave actually.

bye everyone.
hav a blast day!


nurulhuda said...

ala ala ala alaaa kenapaaaa?????

mui said...


waniemyra said...

knape plak nieh? wuwuwu

mahira oya said...

thank u to u too...;)

zakaria said... so? come on, forget about what people out there might think or say about you, this is your thoughts, its not the matter whether they like you or not but respect...

sometimes people tend to have sort of negative thinking when seeing others achieve something that is not possible to be grabbed by them...

be positive and knowing that you are on the right side...

I am speaking this based on my personal experience, let it not be your wet blanket...keep it up what you deem correct...