Monday, August 31, 2009

Yah! Engineering Tips

Some tips for material selection for valve body/trim....

Any carbon steels will be oxidising badly after 350-400C, some ferritics will take 600-650 but you are better off looking at 304 stainless minimum for ball and body so you don't get differential expansion problems. The problem though here, is... read more CLICK HERE

Is it necessary to do NDE or MPI for final machining component? Is there any possiblity that material can be cracked or defect after machining?

If any defect/crack is because of raw material or procedure of machining problem?..Read more CLICK HERE

I have to design valve for high temperature application. Can I use LF2 material to replace A105N? ..Read more CLICK HERE

I have received material F51 that carried out charpy test at -46 celcius(pass) but our customer request to carried out at -50 celcius. Surprisingly the value is very far different,..Read more CLICK HERE