Thursday, December 3, 2009

Yah! I've to leave

Yah, i have to.
Plz God, i need UR strongest.
its been 9 years i know her.
i know i not ur man.
neither ur mr right.
i accept it.

i also never blame u in this situation.
yeah, just one side feel the "frequency".
thats why we are still the same.

No no, i tried to forget all the things about u.
even u dont ask me so.
i dont wanna give u pressure.
everyone know about us
about my feeling
about.. argh~

i ask to God to erase all the things i ever know about u.
everytime i ask.
i really hope that.
but.. hurm~

u seems like my shadow.
once i forget about u, the next day seems u are around me.
oh God, plz gimme UR Guidance to me.
is she for me?
is i for her too?

i ask my self.
im not desperate in love.
i can stand by myself.
but one day, i should have one.
is it u?


till now i haven't the answer yet.
i may leave u one day.
its about hope

u should help me.
help me to forget all this thing.
i cant stand this by myself.
im not strong enough.

hope i can change my mind.
change everything.
yah,everything about u.

i wont hear evrything.
even i know i cant, but i'll try.

-do not comment/comments will be deleted.


IntanBerlian said...

hey babe.even ko kate nk delete xpe.deletelah komen ni..ak nk ko bace je ok..hmm the time wil come sooner or later.dun give up.hava lil faith in urself.kalo dah jdoh namenye.sooner or later she's urs babe.ngtlah life says yes n gives u wat u wan,it says no n gives u something btter,it says wait n gives u da best,so juz follow the flow. He kno wat suits u better than urself.sebab He plan everything for u. even now,juz wait for a lil more time.. be friend if u cant be her lover..sometime,it wil hurt a lil bit.but afta wil gone.. n u actually much more relieved since u accept it sincerely rather than forcefully trying to make it work. ok? so chill out urself.n more importntly HE DECISION...! =D

Nur Laili Binti Iswan said...

ahn suda jatOh chenta kah ???